Latest Launcher Version:
New Features:
  • Joystick Configuration Tool
  • Deinstall routine
  • Autoupdate function at start up
  • Current activations
  • New product informtion feature
  • Requests for support-emails
For the Launcher has to be installed .NET Framework. The following link will lead you to a web installer, which will install .NET Framework on your computer.

Latest Version of the Ase-Modulues for FSX:

Latest Version of the Ase-Modulues for Prepar3D:

Online Activation

Please start the install with your CD/DVD or the .exe you get from your download version.
Near the end of the instllation the following message pops up:

Click on OK and the installation will end shortly.

Now the Aerosoft Launcher is about to start:

If the launcher will not start, make sure you got the .NET Framework Versions you could find on this page.

After the launching process of the Aerosoft Launcher you will see the installed product, also you could see
the product is listed as unactivated.

If you have a active internet connection connected to your computer you could use the activate
button to run the online activation on your computer.

Please follow the instructions and confirm the activation process with a click on the "Online activation" button.

If you don't have any internet connection connected to your computer please follow the Offline activation.

To deinstall the products please use the windows System Manager, or use the "Deinstall" button in the lower right corner of the current product page.